Battle Bot Proposal/ Planning

I am building a battle robot centered around IR tech for “firing” and “taking damage.” It will move via wheels and have its firepower placed in an auto aiming rotating dome. ~ Functional description (what parts do what) Servo – Dome Rotation DC motors + Wheels  – movement IR tech – weaponry / fighting interaction […]

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Basic Robot Plans

Square Base Rotating Dome on top Notch in dome for infrared laser/ weapon two smaller notches for the same thing, but smaller Infrared sensor on top Manual driving Automatic and manual rotation of dome/ aiming

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Battle Bots Mini League

Battle Mode Options: Sumo Bots Death Match (Robots will actually be destroyed) Detection Systems Different Colored ‘lasers’ for different damage levels Mini fog machine for ‘flamethrower’ ‘Touch detectors’ for ‘physical weapons’ Fog (different than fog from the fog machine) on battle field to ‘reveal lasers’ visually  

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